[Psychmasters] help with dissertation

Jessica R. Gurley stdjrg13 at shsu.edu
Mon Mar 12 12:50:42 CDT 2007

Hi everyone - I apologize to anyone that gets this twice on different

I have had some difficulty getting participants for my dissertation
research testing a treatment program for families going through a divorce.
 The HEB in Conroe has decided to allow me to recruit potential volunteers
in front of their store this weekend on Saturday and Sunday (3/17 & 3/18).
 There are two entrances and I am only one person, so I desperately need
people to help me out, times TBA (probably 10-7). Brad (my husband) and I
will provide lunch and drinks, etc. and give you a few bucks to cover gas
from Huntsville/Willis/where ever. If you're around, I would REALLY
appreciate your help. I am not expecting anyone to stay the entire time or
both days. If you could dedicate an hour or two to helping me out, I would
really really appreciate it. Please let me know either way. :)

Jessica R. Gurley, M.A.
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
Department of Psychology and Philosophy
Sam Houston State University
jgurley at shsu.edu

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