[Psychmasters] Advisement for Summer and Fall

Miller, Rowland Spence PSY_RSM at shsu.edu
Tue Mar 20 13:46:34 CDT 2007


Beginning at 3:00 Tuesday, you're welcome to come by my office and snag
an appointment for advisement for courses for the remainder of 2007.
Yup, we'll set you up for courses for both the summer and the fall all
at once, so there's plenty to consider.

I'll be available every day until you're served, but here are some
considerations just in case you don't see me until next week:

Those of you who wish to seek LPC licensure will wish to take CNE 570,
Career Counseling, in addition to the appropriate diet of other PSY (or
CNE) courses.  I mention this because CNE 570 will be available online
both in the summer and in the fall, but it is likely to fill up on both
occasions.  Feel free to pre-register for the course first thing Monday
if you want to take it, even if you're not yet ready to choose your
other courses.  You'll need departmental approval from the nice CNE
folks in order to override a pre-req requirement (which is similar to
our PSY 533), so visit the Counseling offices between the Coliseum and
the TEC before you attempt to register.

LPC aspirants also need a course involving cross-cultural issues.  Both
our PSY 532, Social Psychology, and our PSY 760, Multicultural
Psychology, courses satisfy this objective, but you can also take CNE
592, Cross-Cultural Issues in Counseling, to fill this bill.  It is also
available online both in the summer and in the fall, and you should
pre-register promptly if it's of interest to you.

See ya!

Rowland Miller

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