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Miller, Rowland Spence PSY_RSM at shsu.edu
Wed Mar 21 10:16:36 CDT 2007

I can't vouch for this request, but it seemed worthy enough to merit a
forward to the list.




Doc M.




Hi, my name is Tiffany Junker and I have two children I adopted through
CPS two years ago.  My daughter (eight years old) has Reactive
Attachment Disorder and my son (three years old) has some attachment
issues as well.  


We are in the therapeutic process with my daughter and it has been
difficult for us to find anyone able to care for her (especially the two
of them together) so my husband and I can get away (ever).  


I am hoping you will contact me because I thought perhaps there may be
psych students who would be looking for part time work and be willing
and interested to adhering to a therapeutic plan.  I thought I may be
able to find someone with interest in working with emotionally disturbed
kids through your school.  I am sure my therapist would help if there is
any way a student may receive credit for the work as well.  


Please call me and let me know if you have any suggestions or leads for


Thanks so much,


Tiffany Junker



Don't mind the Houston area code - we live at Lake Conroe (the Northern
side) so we're not far at all. 





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