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There are legislative efforts afoot both to (a) leave the recognition and licensing of Psychological Associates just the way they are, and (b) to allow LPAs more freedom along the lines of LPC licensure.  There is also the constant rumor that the Counseling folks would like to change LPC licensure so that only a M.A. in Counseling qualifies.
Is it true, as the old saying goes, that no one's property or livelihood is sfae when the legislature is in session?  Hard to say.  But one way or t'other, you may wish to make your sentiments heard.
Rowland Miller


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Subject: TXAMP Legislative Alert 3/20/06

TXAMP Legislative Alert 3/20/06

Please pass this exciting news along to your master's students and
faculty. State bills relating to the independent practice of psychological
associates have been referred to their respective congressional
committees. SB 1505 has been passed on to the Senate Committee on Health
and Human Services. Members of this committee are:

Sen. Jane Nelson, Chair
Sen. Bob Deuell, Vice Chair
Sen. Kyle Janek, Member
Sen. Robert Nichols, Member
Sen. Dan Patrick, Member
Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, Member
Sen. Carlos Uresti, Member
Sen. Royce West, Member
Sen. Judith Zaffirini, Member
Clerk: Tiffany Arrington

HB 3301 has been referred to the House Committee on Public Health. Members
of this committee are:

Rep. Dianne White Delisi, Chair
Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, Vice Chair
Rep. Jim Jackson, Budget & Oversight Chair
Rep. Ellen Cohen, Member
Rep. Garnet Coleman, Member
Rep. Veronica Gonzales, Member
Rep. Susan King, Member
Rep. Dora Olivo, Member
Rep. Vicki Truitt, Member
Clerk: Duane Galligher

The Senate and House committees may schedule public hearings on these
bills at some point, which TXAMP will continue to monitor. A committee may
assign bills to subcommittees for more intensive study, issue reports,
recommend bills for passage (with or without amendments), and/or recommend
scheduling bills for legislative calendars.

SB 1505 and HB 3301 provide for increased public access to affordable
psychological care as well as address a clear disparity in the state's
regulation of its mental health professionals at the master's level. Most
simply, psychological associates seek the same rights and privileges
granted by Texas to its other licensed practitioners, such as professional
counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers. These
bills straightforwardly address the regulation of psychological
associates, which some might suggest is a duty that our state board of
psychologists avoids. The bills propose no changes or revisions in the
regulation of doctoral psychologists.

The Texas Psychological Association is actively organizing extra lobby
days to convince state legislators to continue their control over the
independent practice of psychology. Its members are talking to legislators
and offering their perspectives. These psychologists view the LPA bills as
a direct threat to the profession and contend that the proposed
regulations work against the access and continuity of psychological care
advocated by the APA, an association that has historically failed to
recognize the legitimacy of master's psychology. For many of these
doctoral psychologists, the only rightful place for master's psychology is
either outside of the psychology profession or at least restricted under
supervision. The state bill to oppose the independent practice of
psychological associates, HB 3155 has been referred to the House Committee
on Public Health.

If you have time in the next few weeks, please contact the state
legislators above and offer them your invaluable input. All Texas
legislators have handy web pages with contact information, feedback forms,
and uniform email addresses (Firstname.lastname at house.state.tx.us for
representatives or Firstname.lastname at senate.state.tx.us for senators). If
you would appreciate general guidelines on what to say or write, then
visit our advocacy web page at www.txamp.org/advocacy.htm for a few tips.

This email is brought to you by the Texas Association of Masters
in Psychology. TXAMP is a grassroots organization for students,
trainers, and practitioners in the state who believe in the value of
master's psychology. We affiliate with the Northamerican Association
of Masters in Psychology as well as other relevant organizations
such as the Council of Applied Master's Programs in Psychology.
Our mission is to inform the professional community and the
public and increase their confidence in the education and training of
masters practitioners. Please feel free to pass this email along to
others who may have an interest. You can visit our website at
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