[Psychmasters] You have a new Coordinator!

Miller, Rowland Spence PSY_RSM at shsu.edu
Fri Aug 24 14:25:41 CDT 2007


I am pleased to announce that, with the start of the Fall semester, Dr.
Jerry Bruce is now our Coordinator of Master's Studies.  Yup, we figured
that it was time for you to be getting some good advice at last, so
we've handed the reins to someone who is far wiser, much smarter, and
considerably nicer than I am.  Everybody wins.

I remain available to you, and I'll be pleased to assist you however I
can.  But the formal functions of academic advisement and
administration--such as degree plans and substitutions, the management
of Comps, and approvals of thesis committees--will now be handled by Dr.

He's a swell guy.  You'll like him.  He's at bruce at shsu.edu, 294-1173,
and AB4 341.

My only regret regarding this change is that I may not see as much of
some of you as I would have, had I continued to be your Coordinator.
So, please don't be a stranger.  Stop by now and then and let me know
how things are going for you.

I hope you have a terrific semester.

With the very best wishes,

Rowland Miller

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