[Psychmasters] Meeting

BRUCE, A. JERRY PSY_AJB at shsu.edu
Tue Oct 2 14:26:38 CDT 2007

To Students in the Clinical and General Master's Programs at SHSU,

You are invited to attend a meeting of the graduate students and faculty
in AB4 room 302 on Wednesday, October 10 at 5:00.  We will be discussing
the Comps (see below) and Spring Schedule, and we will have some pizza
as well.  I hope you can attend.  

An outline of the change in the Comps Procedure is given below.
The faculty met on Friday, September 7, and discussed the future of the
Comprehensive examinations that each of you must take.  We have made two
decisions that affect you in the short term, and we are committed to a
continuing evaluation of the required process.

One of the changes will be in the administration of the comps.  The
exams will be given to you as a "take-home" test.  We will make the
examination questions available to you on November 8, 1:00 pm and
require that your responses be returned to us on November 9, same time.
Of course this means that you are free, as in the real world, to consult
reference materials in order to produce your responses.  With the
additional time and resources, your responses will be held to a higher
standard than was the case in the previous procedure.  Your work, of
course, is to be your own.  You should not consult with colleagues about
the answers.  You should also be aware that TurnItIn.com may be used to
check for answers appropriated inappropriately.  

The second change regards the questions that will be asked.  The
questions will be much more integrative.   Rather than recite
information and define terms from previous classes, you will be asked to
apply the knowledge you have gained in course work to problems relevant
to your degree program, clinical or general experimental.   The goal of
the exercise will be to measure your ability to synthesize the material
to which you have been exposed rather than memorization of information. 

If you wish to take Comps this fall you should complete the Application
for Comps form and give it to me prior to October 18.  

One other point, registration will begin on November 12; therefore, we
will need to begin the advisement process soon.


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