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Hmm.  49.6 ain't chump change...
Rowland Miller


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Cc: Gerald Crumpton

Dallas County CSCD currently has openings for a Clinical Assessment Specialist.  The job description is attached and starting salary noted below.  If you have Post Docs or Masters Clinical students who have recently graduated or are anticipating graduation, please pass this on to them.  We provide supervision for licensor as a psychologist, psychological associate, or professional counselor.  This is a great opportunity to gain clinical experience in a forensic environment.  Supervising Psychologist are trained forensic psychologists.

4141.02 per month (49,691.20 per year) with benefits

If you have students or former students who are interested, please have them contact Gerald Crumption at gcrumpton at dallascounty.org. 

Thank you

Teresa May-Williams, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
Dallas County CSCD

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