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Any of you graduating or nearing graduation might find the positions
listed here of interest.




From: HENSLEY, RICHARD E [mailto:RICHARD.HENSLEY at dfps.state.tx.us] 
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Subject: FW: Reg 5 CPS Invest Unit 14 Investigator - Crockett


Dear Dr. Bruce:

We are hiring a CPS position and would like for you to post this job


The Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services:

Child Protective Services (CPS) for Houston County (Crockett). 

www.dfps.state.tx.us <http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/> 




Richard Hensley, Supervisor II

Trinity & San  Jacinto Counties

P.O. Box 2330

Trinity, TX 75862

(936) 594-6380; ext. 252



Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 9:16 AM
Subject: Reg 5 CPS Invest Unit 14 Investigator - Crockett


Posting Type:

Open to All Applicants


Protective Services

FLSA Exempt/



Dept of Family & Protective Svc



Job Title:

CPS Investigation Worker

Posting Number:


Full Time/Part Time :

Full Time 



Job Location:

111 NW LOOP 304




AccessHR Service Center



Salary Range:

$2,516.83 - $3,560.83

Salary Group:



Days (First)



Closing Date:




Job Description:
CPS Investigation Worker II - IV The position, under the direction of a
child placement supervisor, performs advanced social work related to
protective services, intake, child abuse or neglect, investigation,
foster care and adoptions. Work involves making determinations of
appropriate actions necessary to resolve family emotional and/or
physical stress situations which cause child abuse or neglect. The
position interacts routinely with Texas Department of Family and
Protective Services staff, clients, representatives from various
organizations, and the general public. For a realistic job preview for
this position and about the agency, please click here
<http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/ComeWorkForUs/default.asp> . 

Essential Job Functions:
* Investigates reports of abuse/neglect to children to assess current or
future risk to children by interviewing parents, family members, and
others; interviewing and examining children; assessing home environment;
and gathering pertinent information form other sources. * Determines
action to be taken to remove or to reduce an immediate threat to the
safety of a child to include testifying in court to seek emergency
protective services, placing children in substitute care, referring
family for immediate crisis intervention therapy or other community
resources. * Enters contact, documentation information and narratives
into the Information Management Protecting Adults and Children System
within required agency time frames. * Develops and maintains effective
working relationships between Child Protective Services staff and law
enforcement officials, judicial officials, legal resources, medical
professionals, and other community resources.* Attends and participates
in training/meetings/staffings. * Performs other duties as assigned and
required to maintain unit operations. * Promotes and demonstrates
appropriate respect for cultural diversity among coworkers and all
work-related contacts. * Attends work regularly in accordance with
agency leave policy. 

Knowledge Skills Abilities:
* Knowledge of child development. * Knowledge of family dynamics. *
Knowledge of Child Protective Services policy and procedures. * Skill in
establishing and maintaining effective working relationships. * Skill in
effective verbal and written communication. * Ability to operate a
personal computer. * Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet
deadlines. * Ability to work with other professionals in the community. 

Registration or Licensure Requirements:

Initial Selection Criteria:
* Child Protective Services Specialist II: Graduation from an accredited
four-year college or university. * Child Protective Services Specialist
III: Employed as a Child Protective Specialist for 18 months AND have
received Child Protective Specialist Certification OR currently employed
as a Child Protective Specialist III in Texas Department of Family and
Protective Services. * Child Protective Services Specialist IV: Three
and one half years cumulative Child Protective Specialist experience AND
currently employed as a Child Protective Specialist III AND have
received Child Protective Specialist Advanced Specialist Certification
OR currently employed as a Child Protective Specialist IV in Texas
Department of Family and Protective Services. 

Additional Information:
Supervisor Elsie Gates INV unit 14 

This position may be filled at any level from a CPS Investigator II to a
CPS Investigator IV. The starting salary range is $2516.83 to $2828.83
per month and will be based on the qualifications of the selected
applicant. Applicants selected for this position are also eligible to
receive a $5000 yearly stipend in addition to base salary. Once
employed, the incumbent must remain in an identified investigative
position to continue to receive this additional pay. Applicants for this
position who are screened and selected for further consideration are
required to complete an on-line assessment as part of the hiring
process. Applicants must complete the on-line assessment with a Highly
Recommended or Recommended result to be eligible to progress through the
process and may receive an interview. If the applicant receives a Not
Recommended result, the applicant will not be selected for an interview.
The applicant must wait 6 months to re-take the assessment test. The
applicant will receive an e-mail providing instructions on how to
proceed. The subject of the email is Texas State Pre-Employment Test:
CPS/APS Pre-Employment Test. The assessment is web based and may be
completed from any computer with internet access. It is confidential and
takes approximately one and one half hours to complete. The user will
receive a password that will allow him/her to complete the assessment
during multiple sessions. Please note the password will expire after
five days and candidates with incomplete assessments will not be able to
move forward in the process. Article II of the 2002-2003 Appropriations
Act requires Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to pay Child
Protective Services (CPS) workers an amount not to exceed $50.00 per
month for work related use of their personal cellular telephones. In
order to ensure we comply with the intent of this legislatively mandated
program, DFPS is making it a condition of employment for all CPS
caseworkers to obtain and maintain their own cell phone and service for
business related use. 


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