[Psychmasters] A fine Summer course offering

Miller, Rowland Spence PSY_RSM at shsu.edu
Tue Mar 4 12:46:04 CST 2008


I'd like to alert you to a fine possibility for your Summer course work:
PSY 792, Topics in Clinical Psychology.  The "topic" this time is
Emotions, and the course is one we're hoping to add to our regular
offerings. Here's what the catalog will say about it:

This course examines the intersection of affective and cognitive bases
of behavior.  It debates the nature of emotion, delineates its
components, and explores the roles of emotion in self-control,
cognition, well-being, psychopathology, and relationships.

The outline:

	The nature of emotions
	Evolutionary bases of emotions
	Cultural bases of emotions
	Physiological bases of emotions
	Emotion and cognition
	Communication of emotions
	Individual differences
	Emotion and relationships
	Emotion and psychopathology
	Emotion and well-being

We'll meet Mon and Weds, 2 - 4, all summer.  Please don't be put off by
the 792 course number; if you're following our Clinical track, you can
substitute this course for Learning, Cognition, or Physio on your degree
plan, if you like.

I do need, however, to get a reading of how many people to expect.  So,
if you're interested, will you please let me know?


Rowland Miller

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