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Hello everyone,

The Counseling Center and Student Activities (in collaboration with Dr.
Littleton and myself) are bringing the Sex Signals program to campus on
Wednesday, April 9, at 7pm in the Mafrige Auditorium.  The Mafrige
Auditorium is located in the Smith-Hutson Building (the business
building near the library).  The Sex Signals program is an
improvisational comedy show that discusses "the good, the bad, and the
sometimes ugly" of dating relationships.  They focus on communication in
heterosexual dating relationships mostly because one of the actors is
male and the other is female, but the messages are relevant to
individuals in all kinds of dating relationships.  The Sex Signals
Program is marketed as a show about communication between the sexes, and
it uses audience participation and humor to discuss important topics
(including a discussion about sexual assault).  Staff from the
Saafehouse will be there after the show to provide information to
interested students (that's not part of the marketing though).  It will
last for approximately 90 minutes.  Dan's brother was an actor with the
program, but I'm not sure if he will be participating in this show.

If you are interested in coming to the show, we'd love to see you there!
If you are teaching this semester and haven't already heard from me
about this, please let your students know about an opportunity to learn
more about communication between the sexes.  We will have sign-in sheets
for extra credit.  If you are interested in giving credit for
participation, please let me know what class you teach (and which
section) and I'll add your class to the list.

I hope to see you there!  Remember: Sex Signals - Wednesday, April 9, at
7pm in the Mafrige Auditorium (Smith-Hutson Building).




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