[Psychmasters] guilford discount 50% for students

Jessica R. Gurley stdjrg13 at shsu.edu
Sat Apr 5 12:01:40 CDT 2008

Just an FYI, Guilford is doing its 50% of student discount (again). This
includes books and journals, along with some other things they publish. 
Also, Guilford publishes the text used for Forensic Assessment - Psyc
Evals for the Courts - and getting it at 50% off is a great deal!

The code is STU. Check here for more info:

The guilford site is www.guilford.com. Happy shopping!

Jessica R. Gurley, M.A.
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
Department of Psychology and Philosophy
Sam Houston State University
jgurley at shsu.edu

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