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BRUCE, A. JERRY PSY_AJB at shsu.edu
Wed Jun 18 13:49:06 CDT 2008

Hey guys,

Here is something some of you might be interested in.  They are looking for a new student as note indicates.  Let me know if any of you are interested.


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Subject: College of Education Research Assistant Position

Dr. Wood and Dr. Bruce,

I have been asked by Dr. Brian Miller to relay some information regarding
a new graduate research assistant position that might be available in the
College of Education. We are not quite sure exactly what this position
entails, but the position is under the umbrella of the Associate Dean of
the College of Education and Educator Preparation Services. If you could,
please pass this information on to any candidates you feel are promising
and qualified.

I know that Dr. Miller prefers new incoming school psychology students for
graduate assistant positions. I can tell you this, there are benefits to
hiring a school psychology major for both parties involved. The college
could employ the graduate student for two years and the student would gain
much knowledge regarding the organization of public schools (and there is
always the added benefit of networking with potential employers and
internship sites).

If I find out any more information regarding the position, I will let you
know. You can have the candidates contact me or Dr. Brian Miller
(brianmiller at shsu.edu) regarding the position. I will be able to relay the
information to the appropriate person.

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy your summer!

Cheryl Barker
Graduate Assistant
Office of Field Experience
stdcac33 at shsu.edu

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