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BRUCE, A. JERRY PSY_AJB at shsu.edu
Fri Jun 27 15:43:47 CDT 2008

Subject: Dissertation recruiting--please help

Beth is trying to complete her dissertation; something you all will be doing soon as well maybe!  If anyone can help, please do.

Hello everyone,
  I know the summer is a busy time, but I've run into a lull in undergraduate availability during the summer semester.  I would really love to finish collecting data for my dissertation before I leave for internship, so I'm recruiting from the grad student pool in the hopes that y'all will want to help out.  The study is called Evaluations of Witness Testimony, and it takes approximately two hours to complete (usually less).  You will wear a visor that has a small camera attached to it and watch eight segments of courtroom testimony.  The camera will let me know exactly what you are looking at when you watch the testimony.  I can't give you class credit, but I will supply candy!!  Also, if you participate, you will have the opportunity to enter into a drawing to win a 4GB iPod nano (estimated value: $200).

Please do not sign up if you participated in the pilot study or if you know lots about my dissertation.  I am happy to participate in anyone else's research, and I hope you are willing to participate in mine.  Please email me if you are.  Thanks so much!!

Beth Caillouet

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