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I've been getting some inquiries, so I'll fess up and offer some details.  My wife, Carolyn, and I constitute the entire first act of a play by Neil Simon, Plaza Suite, which opens this Thursday and runs for six shows across the next two weekends at StageCenter in downtown Bryan.

Here's the theater's website:  http://www.stagecenter.net/home/

Thursday tickets are 6 bills for everybody.  Friday and Saturday evenings, students are 8 bucks, ordinary mortals $10.  Please feel invited, as it'd be nice-despite the huge potential for profound embarrassment-to have the occasional audience show up.  (This is a very modest venue.)

One reaches the theater by heading out of town on Hwy 30 and going straight, never turning, until you reach downtown Bryan.  (Accept no substitutes.  Hwy 30 will take a left turn on the outskirts of College Station, but you won't.  Keep going straight on what will then be FM 158.)  In Bryan, take note when you cross some railroad tracks, and then turn left on Bryan Ave, which is the second light after the tracks.  One block south, at the southwest corner of W. 26th St. and Bryan Ave, StageCenter awaits on the 3rd floor of the nondescript building you enter at the middle of the block.

There are creditable places to eat within a few yards of the theater.  We like Papa Perez at 201A S. Main (one block back to the east) for Tex Mex.

Across the street from Papa Perez is River Bridge, a new place from the legendary Koppe Bridge crew.  See:  http://www.koppebridge.net/home.html

And a new German place people are talking about (but that we haven't tried yet) is Brauhaus, at 109 N. Main.

We'll be there Feb 12, 13, & 14, and 19, 20, & 21 at 7:30.  Just don't tell me if you're coming.  That ratchets up the apprehension to impossible levels.


Rody Miller

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