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Anastasi, Jeffery JSA001 at SHSU.EDU
Fri Aug 19 13:50:28 CDT 2011

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that there are two new courses that have been added to the schedule at The University Center in The Woodlands. The courses are:

PSYC 5360 (Advanced Physiological Psychology) - Tuesday evenings from 6-8:50pm
PSYC 5397 (Advanced Developmental Psychology) - Monday evenings from 6-8:50pm

If you're interested in taking either of these courses, please let me know so that I can clear you for them.

Additionally, I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that Dr. Varela is offering a PSYC 7360 (Multicultural Psychology) course. The time and date are arranged, but this course would be helpful for those of you interested in obtaining the multicultural requirement for the LPC. If you're interested, please speak with Dr. Varela and then let me know if you'd like to be cleared to take the course.

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