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Because you chose Sam for your graduate training, you clearly have exceptional taste.  Thus, you may be pleased to hear of a humble but intriguing opportunity for theatrical entertainment debuting tonight over in Bryan.  StageCenter, a community theatre company, is staging "Driving Miss Daisy" this weekend (and then again November 17-20), and I can imagine several reasons why the show may be of interest to you.  In order of importance:

1.  Most of us could use a night out.

2.  It's a lovely show, and the principal actors (who play the elderly matron and her chauffeur) are quite splendid in their roles.

3.  It's an excellent value (especially on Thursday nights).

4.  I'm in it.

Of course, in order to take advantage of this fine entertainment option, one would have to find oneself about an hour away in downtown Bryan, and there's the rub.  Nevertheless, on the off-chance that the many wonderful attractions of the Beautiful Brazos Valley lure you over there, here are some practical details.

Performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings begin at 7:30.  The Sunday matinees begin at 2:30.

On Thursday evenings, all tickets are $6.00.  All other shows cost $8.00 for students and 60+ seniors, and $10.00 for actual people.

It's eerily easy to get to the venue from Huntsville:  (a) Head out of town on Hwy 30 West;  (b) Keep going straight (even when Hwy 30 does not); (c) Turn left at the second stoplight after you cross the railroad tracks in downtown Bryan; and (d) Drive one block and park.  The theater is above Mr. G's Pizzaria; one enters the building at the middle of the block, not at the corner.

[Let's review:  Drive west.  Turn left.  Park.]   (But if you get lost, type 201-B West 26th Street, Bryan, 77801 into your GPS unit.)

The theatre is a small, intimate space, and the show may be popular, so don't arrive too late.  Here's its website: www.stagecenter.net<http://www.stagecenter.net/>.  A variety of refreshments (including beer and wine) can be had before the show.   Finally, as always, do not heckle the actors.


Rody Miller

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