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FYI - sounds like a nice summer opportunity.
The Center for Rural Studies offers a program called the Community-Youth Development Program (C-YDP) in coordination with the Texas Workforce Commission. The high-school students enrolled in the program are involved in 1) a youth camp and 2) a four-week paid internship in their community. The purpose of the Community Youth Development Program is to educate youth on the functioning and operations of rural communities with the intent of inspiring youth to remain in or return to rural America and also to encourage rural adults to rethink investment in the youth in their community.
This year we have students from five school districts participating: Giddings, Lexington, Smithville, Elgin, and La Grange (all located in South-Central Texas). In each community there will be approximately 10 students enrolled in the program.

We need pairs of facilitators to implement the youth camp in each of the communities. The camp would take place at the end of May and beginning of June. During the camp, facilitators would be expected to implement our developed curriculum with the youth. Working together with rural community youth and adults you will expand their knowledge about their own community and engage them within the community and with each other.

You will gain experience and skills in:

* Coordinating events

* Implementing curriculum

* Working with diverse groups and individuals

* Advising and mentorship

* Community development

* Research

The following will be provided to facilitators:

* $150 stipend + travel/lodging

* Pre-developed curriculum and activities

* Training around the curriculum

* All necessary resources and materials

This is really a fun opportunity and great experience to place on resumes/vitaes.

If you know of any interested students, or can share this with faculty who might, I would appreciate it. I will be happy to provide anyone with additional details.



Cheryl Hudec
Associate Director
Center for Rural Studies
Department of Sociology
Sam Houston State University

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