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Hey Guys,

See the note below from Dr. Noland. This is primarily for those of you who are nonthesis clinical students as this course would help fulfill your Supplemental Practitioner course requirement.

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From: Noland, Ramona
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Subject: PSYC 6396 as elective?
Hi, Jeff.
I was chatting with Jamey & Gordon today about our 6396 course (what used to be Prac I for us, but is now Practicum in School Psychology I), and we are looking at the periodic possibility of having space for 1-2 MA Clinical students take this course as an elective. It might not be a good fit for everyone, but students would gain a reasonable amount of supervised practical experience doing counseling with children, and that could be appealing for some. We the SSP faculty are very committed to maintaining a maximum of 12 students across two sections, so the number of available slots would depend on the number of school students within a cohort. We've got two seats available for this coming fall if you think folks might be interested. If so, they could come talk with me about it as an elective possibility.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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