[Psychmasters] GSPO officer nominations - deadline extended until Monday!

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Fri Aug 22 21:54:47 CDT 2014

Dear graduate students,

We will be extending nominations for GSPO’s executive board (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and master’s liaison) until this Monday at 5:00 pm! At this point, we have no nominations for the master’s liaison position. Please send all nominations to gspo.shsu at gmail.com. After all nominations are in, we will be sending out a link to all GSPO members to vote.

Also, during this nomination process, we wanted to clarify new roles and scholarship opportunities associated with being a GSPO officer...As of this upcoming school year, GSPO will be taking part in the Graduate Student Leadership Initiative, a scholarship program to promote graduate student engagement and leadership development. Our scholarship program is a collaboration between Academic Affairs and Professional and the Academic Center for Excellence (PACE). Students elected to the leadership cabinet of a sanctioned graduate student organization (GSPO’s executive board) will be eligible for a $500 scholarship pending participation in 8 hours of leadership training (hosted by PACE) every semester and 30 hours of community service (from the entire organization).

If you have any nominations or questions about the election, please let us know!


GSPO Officers
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