[Psychmasters] Advising appointments

Anastasi, Jeffery JSA001 at SHSU.EDU
Mon Mar 16 15:32:42 CDT 2015

Hello Clinical and General Students,

I just wanted to inform you that I just put the advising sign-up sheet on my office door (CHSS 375). In order to be cleared for your summer and fall courses, you'll need to make an appointment with me. The times listed are for the week of March 23rd (next week) and you'll be able to immediately register for your classes once I've cleared you. If you're interested in taking any counseling courses, feel free to go see them so that you can register for those right away. See everyone soon.

Jeffrey S. Anastasi
Sam Houston State University
Department of Psychology
Huntsville, TX  77341-2447
phone: 936-294-3049
e-mail: jeff.anastasi at shsu.edu<mailto:jeff.anastasi at shsu.edu>

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