[Psychmasters] GSPO Executive Officer Nominations!!!

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Mon Jul 6 12:50:16 CDT 2015

Hey all! It's that exciting time of year again--time to self-nominate to be
an executive officer of GSPO!

If you are interested in becoming an executive officer of the Graduate
Student Psychology Organization, please reply (NOT "reply all"...) to this
email with your *name*, the *position* you would like to run for, and a *short
blurb* (don't go too crazy) about why you are interested in this position.

These are the positions you can run for and their particular

   - *President--* runs exec and general meetings, coordinates with other
   organizations, plans events, etc.
   - *Vice-President--*acts as a support in accomplishing the tasks of the
   president, plans events, etc.
   - *Secretary--*takes notes at meetings, is in charge of emails and
   evites, etc.
   - *Treasurer--*manages the budget, collects dues, and is in charge of
   purchases, etc.
   - *Master's Liaison--*coordinates communication between the master's and
   doctoral programs, plans events, etc.

Self-nominations are due by *MONDAY, JULY 13*. After that, we will send out
an email to open the voting.

*Peace, love, & voting,*
*GSPO Exec* (...this could be you!!)
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