[Psychmasters] Law and Social Psychology next Spring?

Miller, Rowland PSY_RSM at SHSU.EDU
Tue Apr 19 17:05:51 CDT 2016


It seems a ways off, but wheels will need to be set in motion, so let me ask:  Who'd be interested in a swell elective,

PSYC 7333, Law and Social Psychology, in Spring, 2017?

False (?) confessions, eyewitness veracity, recovered (?) memories, jury decision-making, the use of social science by the courts, and the death penalty are key topics.

The course has been available every other summer in the past, but I've taken to being out-of-state during the summers, and some of us were disappointed that the course wouldn't be offered this year.  So, let's explore the possibility of next spring.  Do you think you'd like to take it then?  Paula, Tatjana, Dana, and Laurel took the course last time and may be willing to tell you about it, if you ask.  Please let me know if the possibility is enticing.


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