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Hello everyone,

This is a reminder that GSPO Exec Board Nominations are due by this Friday,
June 17, 2016.  Please e-mail gspo.shsu at gmail.com with your name, the
position you are applying for, and a short blurb (3-4 sentences) about why
you want the position and why you think you will be good for the position.
The original e-mail follows below.

Thank you!


It's that time of year to nominate yourself to be a part of the Graduate
Student Psychology Organization (GSPO) executive board for the 2016-2017
school year!  Being on the GSPO exec board helps you become more involved
in your program (master's clinical, master's school, or doctoral clinical)
as well as the psychology department overall.  GSPO exec members are also
eligible for scholarships from Graduate Studies, and it makes a nice extra
line on your CV!  GSPO puts on several events every year (i.e., Fall
Social, Christmas party) as well as serves the community (i.e., SHSU Out of
the Darkness Suicide Prevention Campus Walk, helping at Hospitality House).

*To nominate yourself*, send an e-mail to gspo.shsu at gmail.com with your
name, the position you are applying for, and a short blurb (3-4 sentences)
about why you want the position and why you think you will be good for the
position by *Friday, June 17, 2016.*

The positions are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and
Master's Liaison.  Some short descriptions of the responsibilities of each
position as well as the current person in that position are listed below.
Feel free to contact any person to discuss their responsibilities in more
depth, ask questions, and learn more about the time commitment.

*President (current president, Paula Bernhard)*
serves as the point of contact for faculty in relation to GSPO, contacts
outside agencies for support and for hosting events, leads exec board
meetings and general member meetings, organizes and keeps track
of community service hours, plans events, updates the SHSU OrgLink website

*Vice-President (current VP, Laurel Mattos)*

The role of the Vice President is broadly to support the other positions,
especially the President, in the planning and organization of events. The
Vice President may also wish to take a leading role in organization of
community service events.

*Secretary (current secretary, Kelsey Maloney)*

The Secretary serves as the communication person for GSPO, including
sending out e-mails (like this one), helping organize and send the
e-invites to our events, and keeping meeting minutes when the GSPO exec
meets.  The Secretary also maintains the contact information for students
in each program in GSPO.

*Treasurer (current treasurer, Joshua Camins)*
The Treasurer's main job is to keep track of GSPO funds. The Treasurer is
responsible for keeping track of dues paying members, and distributing
funds for the various events. All purchases go through the Treasurer. In
addition, the Treasurer holds the money box, and works with our bank
account and any outside vendors.

*Master's Liaison (current master's liaison, Samantha Kempker)*
The Master's Liaison is responsible for ensuring communication among the
various graduate programs, as well as aiding in the coordination of GSPO's
various social and community service events (i.e., Fall social, Christmas
party, puppy calendars, etc.).

Looking forward to your nominations!

The GSPO Exec Board
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