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Wed Jun 14 10:26:16 CDT 2017

Hello graduate students,

It is that time of year to elect a new GSPO executive board for the
2017-2018 school year!

Being on the GSPO exec board helps you become more involved in your program
as well as the psychology department overall. GSPO officers are eligible
for scholarships from Graduate Studies, and you can add a leadership
position to your CV! GSPO puts on several events every year (i.e., Fall
Social, Holiday Social, and several panels) and serves the community
through service events. Graduate psychology students from any program
(masters or doctoral) are eligible for any of the exec board positions.

*To nominate yourself*, send an e-mail to gspo.shsu at gmail.com with your
name, the position you are applying for, and a short blurb (3-4 sentences)
about why you want the position and why you think you will be good for the
position by *Friday, June 16, 2017.*

We have included descriptions of each position below, as well as the name
of the current student in that position. Feel free to contact any of the
officers to discuss their responsibilities in more depth, ask questions,
and learn more about the time commitment.

*President (currently Jessi Hart)*: Leads exec board meetings and general
meetings, contacts outside agencies for support and for hosting events,
organizes and keeps track of community service hours, updates the SHSU
OrgLink website, monitors progress on events and other goals, and serves as
the point of contact for faculty in relation to GSPO.

*Vice President (current Anna Abate)*: Organize and direct meetings in the
President’s absence, research possible presenters, organize social outings
and coordinate with the Master’s Liaison.

*Secretary (currently Kaisa Marshall):* Notify members and potential
members regarding meetings, activities, outings, and elections. Record
meeting minutes. Maintain distribution lists of members for emails and
other media.

*Treasurer (currently Nick Kavish)*: The GSPO Treasurer maintains the cash
box and bank account for the organization. He/she collects dues and uses
the group's funds to pay group expenses and reimburse officers for GSPO

*Master’s Liaison (currently Cassie Bailey)*: Outreach to master’s students
(e.g., ensure all master's students are invited to all events and that all
things are communicated to the master's students); represent master’s level
students, and ensure programming is relevant to master’s students.

We look forward to your nominations!
-GSPO Exec Board
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