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For those of you who are working on a thesis (or dissertation), please see the updated guidelines below.
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THESIS & DISSERTATION GUIDELINES                                                                                                                                                                            October 2017

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Thesis & Dissertation

Official Guidelines

    RITE OF PASSAGE: THE DEFENSE...   READ MORE...<https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/shsu/reader.action?ppg=149&docID=1839640&tm=1507668919285>

    October 2017

Students in the final stages of completing a thesis or dissertation during Fall 2017 should adhere to the formatting deadlines in this newsletter.

Also, check with your College and Department about their procedures and deadlines.



October 27


Last Day to Complete a Public Defense of the Thesis/Dissertation.

Last Day to Submit Letter Requesting a Permanent Embargo to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

What this means for you:

You should defend in front of your committee no later than this date.
Once your committee has signed off on your document, submit an Electronic Route Sheet<https://forms.shsu.edu/PerfectForms/PresentationServer/(S(rdm05qmu5ilruraniyro3l55))/Form.aspx/Play/GjAgAgEh?f=GjAgAgEh>.  Once submitted, the route sheet automatically forwards to the next person whose approval is required.

Ø  A note on embargoes: "Embargo" means that a publisher waits a certain amount of time before actually publishing a work.  For instance, a 1-year embargo means that a publisher will wait one year before publishing something.
SHSU is offering a Permanent Embargo for those rare students whose work cannot be published within two years' time.  For instance, students who are writing books that may get published by large publishers.  Since it takes years for these items to get published, we will allow them to permanently embargo their thesis or dissertation, thereby providing ample opportunity to successfully publish with a large and profitable company.
This also applies to students who are seeking patents or whose research is funded by outside entities who do not want the work published.
Talk to your Advisor, and if any of these scenarios applies to you, then refer to the document entitled Steps for Permanent Embargo found on the Faculty Resources tab of the Thesis & Dissertation web site:  http://www.shsulibraryguides.org/thesisguide/faculty

November 8

2nd Draft Review
Last Day to Submit Defended and Approved Thesis/Dissertation to Library for Second Format and Style Review

What this means for you:

By this date, you need to email the committee-approved document back to nglthesis at shsu.edu<mailto:nglthesis at shsu.edu> for a second format review.

All parts of the document should be complete, and contain all approved edits as requested by your committee and Advisor.

We will again look over it for formatting issues that may have occurred during the post-defense editing process. At this point, our goal is to finalize the document and get it published into the SHSU Institutional Repository through the Vireo system.

No more edits may be made to the document once it has been approved by a reviewer and submitted to Vireo for publication.

Using the Document Checklist<http://shsulibraryguides.org/thesisguide/checklist_and_deadlines> will help make the review process faster and easier.

Committee signatures on the Approval page:

Ø  Physical signatures are not required in the published document; HOWEVER, some Departments do require that students acquire signatures as part of their departmental procedures.  CHECK WITH YOUR COLLEGE DEPARTMENT ON THEIR PROCEDURES.

November 15

Publication & Route Sheet

Last Day to Complete Publication of Thesis/Dissertation Through Vireo (or in Print for Permanent Embargo Students).

Last Day to Submit Electronic Route Sheet to the Director of the Library.

What this means for you:

By this date, your document should have completed the 2nd format review and be submitted for publication through the Vireo system.
Once submitted into the Vireo system, the following occurs:
Ø  Thesis Clerk checks the submission for technical errors.
Ø  Student's Advisor is required to approve both the student's submission and their embargo choices.  Vireo Faculty Instructions can be found here:  http://www.shsulibraryguides.org/thesisguide/faculty

As soon as the submission is approved by both the Thesis Clerk and the student's Advisor, then the document's status is updated to Pending Publication.  At the same time, the Library Director will approve the Electronic Route Sheet, sending it on to the Office of Graduate Studies.
All theses and dissertations are officially published at the end of the semester.

Printing and Binding:
The Newton Gresham Library is no longer involved in the printing and binding of theses and dissertations (except for Permanent Embargo students).  Students should contact their departments and committee members to find out if copies are required.
Use the following link for a list of companies that will print and bind your document if needed:
Permanent Embargo students should have contacted the university's Press and made arrangements for printing physical copies of their manuscripts.  These copies should be at the Library by this date.

November 28

Last day to submit Electronic Route Sheet to the Dean of Graduate Studies for approval.

What this means for you:
Before this date, your thesis/dissertation should have been published through Vireo and the Route Sheet signed off on by the Library Director.
This is the last day that the Dean of Graduate Studies will sign off on Route Sheets for graduation.

We are always accepting theses and dissertations for review, so don't be shy about submitting well before the first deadline. Our goal is to help you with any formatting issues you may have so that you can meet your deadlines.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
We look forward to reviewing your thesis or dissertation soon!

For more information, go to:  http://library.shsu.edu/thesis

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