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Good afternoon, CUDCP!

My name is Michael Nadorff, I am the director of clinical training for the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at Mississippi State University.  For those who don’t know, our clinical psychology program has recently been accredited by the American Psychological Association.  However, our program is still not widely known since we are fairly new (established in 2014), so we typically receive fewer applicants than other programs.  Since CUDCP has always been very helpful in identifying strong candidates for us, I thought I would reach out again to help spread the word about our program.

As is typical for clinical psychology Ph.D. programs, our program is funded with all students receiving a tuition waiver and stipend.  Further information, including our full disclosure data, can be found here: http://www.psychology.msstate.edu/gradprograms/clinical/index.php.

Below are the core and affiliated faculty who will be considering applications this year:

Carolyn Adams-Price, Ph.D.  Interested in gerontology, creativity, and gender differences.  http://www.psychology.msstate.edu/people/staff.php?id=713&itk=540166691f3fc0bf4d498b1ac1e318de

Kevin Armstrong, Ph.D.  Interested in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and illicit use of stimulant medications.  http://www.psychology.msstate.edu/people/staff.php?id=715&itk=ce1d99bf75bf8f22fa5634eea95be7c1

Hilary DeShong, Ph.D.  Interested in the assessment of personality traits and disorders, personality-related constructs (psychopathology, narcissism, Machiavellianism), and maladaptive behaviors (non-suicidal self-injury, substance use, suicidal behavior).  http://www.psychology.msstate.edu/people/staff.php?id=1232&itk=d15cce1697d0b6ff18002d36027168cd

Cliff McKinney, Ph.D.  Interested in how parenting relates to psychological adjustment with emphases on gender, parental psychopathology, discipline, and emerging adulthood.  http://www.psychology.msstate.edu/people/staff.php?id=726&itk=9b3d8b19b600e16b8a75352cc894dbaf

Danielle Nadorff, Ph.D.  Interested in custodial grandchildren (children whose primary caregivers are their grandparents) and their grandparents.  In particular, social, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral outcomes for these grandchildren in relation to those raised in foster care.  http://www.psychology.msstate.edu/people/staff.php?id=729&itk=d5b6528bd4f3b9e6054465736a3a7a0b

Michael Nadorff, Ph.D.  Interested in behavioral sleep medicine, suicidal behavior, and clinical gerontology.  http://www.psychology.msstate.edu/people/staff.php?id=730&itk=08c637d17f87caf84e6dc255875a2593

Arazais Oliveros, Ph.D.  Interested in child welfare and prevention of maltreatment, parental mental health and influence on the parent-child relationship, parenting influences on emotion regulation, attachment, and emotion dysregulation.  http://www.psychology.msstate.edu/people/staff.php?id=918&itk=69561754c9085a4f3a57b9ab5b51bdda

H. Colleen Sinclair, Ph.D.  Interested in interpersonal relationships, social influence, psychology and social policy and law, and aggressive behavior.  http://www.psychology.msstate.edu/people/staff.php?id=731&itk=f02cf7a36efcbea73b290e91490d1c4c

Please consider passing this information along to your students.  I am happy to answer any questions either you or your students have regarding our program or any of our faculty mentors.

Thank you for your consideration,

Michael R. Nadorff, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Director of Clinical Training
Department of Psychology
Mississippi State University
140 Magruder Hall, Suite 4
Phone: 662-325-1222

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