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Tessa forwarded this to me to share with you all! Enjoy!


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Please Share Widely.

The Division 45 Student Committee is honored to have hosted Drs. Awad and
Cokley for the Proposal Writing 101 - Division 45 Research Conference. The
video and powerpoint can be viewed at the links below.

Please join us in hosting Dr. Cynthia de la Fuentes February 9th 2018 on
starting a private practice.



Division 45 Student Committee Research Chair (ayli.carreropinedo at und.edu*)*


Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/wxx20f3-MLs

Dr. Germine Awad.

Dr. Awad is an Associate Professor and Program Chair of the Human
Development, Culture & Learning Sciences Program in the Department of
Educational Psychology.  She has a faculty appointment in the Counseling
Psychology Program. Awad started at the University of Texas at Austin in
2007 and advises several doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate students.
She does research on the correlates of prejudice and discrimination,
identity and acculturation, and body image among women of color. Her
scholarship is characterized by three interrelated areas of inquiry:
prejudice and discrimination, identity and acculturation, and more
recently, body image among women of color. Awad also has written in the
area of multicultural research methodology. The majority of her research is
guided by the questions "What factors lead to discrimination against ethnic
minorities?" and "What impacts perceptions of experienced discrimination?"
The two populations that she has primarily focused on are Arab/Middle
Eastern Americans and African Americans. Although overt discrimination
towards ethnic minorities has decreased over the years, the practice of
more covert, subtle forms of prejudice remains. The events of September 11,
2001, however, reintroduced more explicit forms of prejudice towards
Arab/Middle Eastern Americans, and those perceived to be Muslim,
complicating the dialogue on discrimination in the United States. She is
concerned with how prejudicial attitudes and ideology impact attitudes
towards ethnic minorities generally and within specific domains such as the
workplace and higher education. In addition, she examines how racial/ethnic
identity and acculturation impact ethnic minorities' perception of
discrimination. Most recently, she has expanded my identity and
acculturation research to the study of body image concerns among women of

Dr. Kevin Cokley

Kevin Cokley, Ph.D. holds the Oscar and Anne Mauzy Regents Professorship
for Educational Research and Development in the College of Education. He is
a Fellow of the UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers, Director of
the Institute for Urban Policy Research & Analysis, and Professor of
Educational Psychology and African and African Diaspora Studies.  Dr.
Cokley’s research and teaching can be broadly categorized in the area of
African American psychology. He is the past Editor-in-Chief of the *Journal
of Black Psychology*. He was elected to Fellow status in the American
Psychological Association for his contributions to ethnic minority
psychology and counseling psychology. He has been recognized as being among
the top 10 Contributors to multicultural psychology journals (Lau et al.,
2008) and among the authors with the most publications in ethnic minority
psychology (Hartmann et al., 2013). He is the recipient of the 2014
Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award, the 2011 John Warfield Center for
African and African American Studies Teaching Award, the 2009 Charles and
Shirley Thomas Award for mentoring ethnic minority students by the Society
for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues, the 2008 “10 Rising
Stars of the Academy” award by *Diverse Issues in Higher Education*, and
the 2007 Association of Black Psychologists’ Scholarship Award. He is
author of the 2014 book “*The Myth of Black Anti-Intellectualism*” that
challenges the notion that African American students are anti-intellectual.
He has written several Op-Eds in major media outlets including the *St.
Louis Post Dispatch*, *Dallas Morning News*, *Austin American Statesman*, *San
Antonio Express*, *The American Prospect*, *The Huffington Post, The
Conversation, The Grio, The Globe and Mail, The Globe Post* and *The Hill* on
topics such as Blacks’ rational mistrust of police, the aftermath of
Ferguson, police and race relations, racism and White supremacy, the use of
school vouchers, racial disparities in school discipline, and Black
students’ graduation rates.

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