[Psychmasters] Advising for Summer & Fall 2018

Harman, Marsha EDU_MJH at SHSU.EDU
Wed Feb 14 10:56:17 CST 2018

Master's Folks,

I am pushing back advising until the first full week in March (5th - 8th) because we have the Master's application deadline this week and the Departmental Graduate Admissions Committee meeting next week.  I do not want to be distracted while I am doing your advising.  The schedule of advising times is on my lab door (CHSS 392).  Be sure to sign up for advising.  If you come and your name is not on the list, it will have to be put on the list for a later time.

I can only clear for registration for our department.  I do need on the form any education classes that you desire to take for the LPC or as electives.  I compile those and send to Counseling Education to make it easier for them to clear and contact you.  If you want to take electives from other departments, those departments have to give you permission and clear you for registration.

Attached is the form that must be completed and brought to your advising appointment.  If you do not have it with you and completed, we will have to reschedule advising for you at a later time.


Marsha Harman
M. J. Harman, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Coordinator of Masters Programs
P. O. Box 2447
Department of Psychology & Philosophy
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX 77341
936-294-3614 (leave a message here)
Lab - 936-294-4064 (try this number first)

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