[Psychmasters] 3MT Final Round!

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Mon Mar 26 11:35:47 CDT 2018

Hi all!

The final rounds for 3MT are in Huntsville on *Monday, April 2nd at 6:30pm
in CHSS C070*


3MT is a competition that allows graduates to share their thesis with a
panel of judges in layman terms. But you only have 3 minutes.

Why should you care?

One of our department's students (*Cassie Bailey*) is in the final round!
Of the 12 finalists, one person will win based on the audience's choice.
The university is trying to promote 3MT since this is only the second year,
thus, the more people you bring, the better chance you have to win (grand
prize is $1000).

Doors lock while people are presenting, so please make sure you show up a
little early!

Warning: you have to stay until the end to vote. For an estimate, the
preliminary round took 1.5 hours.


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