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Hi all,

Mock trials are coming...
Students in Forensic Assessment II participate in mock trials to finish the
course.  During these mock trials, students are cross examined by a real
attorney over a real forensic report they submitted to the court (either
Competency to Stand Trial or Sanity).

It is a public event and all students are encouraged to attend.  Mia (a
former Master's student) noted "by watching the mock trials in 2016 & 2017,
it gave me a better sense of what forensic assessments are and how
committed I was to conducting them - overall a very helpful experience."

The confirmed dates and tentative student order are as follows:
April 23 - Jenn Boland, Ellen Reinhard, Mia Ricardo
April 30 - Tessa Long, Nick Kavish, Lauren Ryan
May 7 - Sam Kurus, Sam Holdren

They will be held from 6-9 p.m. in the CJ Building's courtroom. It is a
great experience for those who have the time to stop over and watch how
everything plays out.

Hope to see you there!
Cassie - GSPO Master's Liaison
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