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Hi all,

Congratulations to your new GSPO Executive Board! Everyone ran unopposed so there was no need to vote. I have attached everyones blurb below.

President: Gabby Trupp

"I am emailing to nominate myself for President of GSPO for the 2019-2020 academic year. I believe I can fulfill this role with excellence, continuing to allow GSPO to flourish. This past year I have served as GSPO Vice President. In this role, I have assisted with many of the events that GSPO has held - both on the behind the scenes organizational side, as well as on the frontline during the event. Through my organization, creativity, and communication skills, I believe that I helped make these events a success! Through these successful events, GSPO creates a community for psychology graduate students within the department and University. If I were elected president, I would want to continue to strengthen that community and further its impact not just within the University, but within the surrounding Huntsville/Houston area as well."?

Vice President: Stephanie Haugh

"I would like to nominate myself for Vice President (2019-2020) on the board of GSPO executives. Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working on GSPO as the treasurer. Getting to work with other students in the program is an invaluable experience. I would be well-suited for this position because I am a reliable, organized student. In addition, I am diligent and hard-working and will ensure to represent our students well. Lastly, my hopes for this position is to continue to develop new ideas for volunteering and fundraising, to share activities and projects with the rest of the GSPO members, and to continue to facilitate the relationships between the students and faculty. Thank you!"

Master's Vice President: Dana Persinger

"I'm applying for the Master's Vice President position for two primary reasons:
The first being, I feel strongly for current and incoming students to feel inclusive and well-informed. It is important to enhance our two-way communication process between department and students during their entire program enrollment. I feel I would be a great resource to provide information about our program and to connect students to all that the program has to offer.
The second reason is that my job experience lines up with this position perfectly. I have several years of conference event planning which will be helpful in planning GSPO events and fundraising opportunities."

Treasurer: Lauren Rubenstein
"Hello, my name is Lauren Rubenstein and I would like to apply for the position of treasurer.

I would like to get more involved with GSPO next year after seeing all the great events they put on this year. I think I would be good for this position, because I have acted as treasurer previously for the Honors Program social club in my undergraduate career, and have served in many other leadership roles in the past. As a CASA advocate, I enjoy doing service work and appreciate the service events that GSPO is involved in. I also enjoy the social aspect of the organization and would love to be a part of planning the activities that serve to bring the department together. ?"

Secretary: Beata Krembuszewski

"My name is Beata Krembuszewski and I am nominating myself for the secretary position.?

I would like to join GSPO because I want to stay as involved as I can in student organizations.  I believe I would make a great secretary for GSPO because I am a very organized individual who is excellent at keeping track of multiple tasks at once.  I would take very diligent and detailed minutes during all meetings.  I am also a professional individual and I think I would be a great representation of the organization to members and outside students."

Congrats again and thank you for letting us serve as your GSPO Exec board.

-Cassie (President

-Gabby (VP)

-Kelci (Master's VP)

-Stephanie (Treasurer)

-Mia (Secretary)
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