[Psychmasters] Status of Thesis I and II

Langley, Hillary hlangley at shsu.edu
Thu Dec 12 20:30:50 CST 2019

MA students who are completing theses,

I just got an email from Dr. Tomes inquiring about what grades he needs to assign for thesis I and II. I know I’ve signed lots of thesis proposal and defense forms this semester, but I didn’t keep track of who completed what. So....

If you are currently enrolled in thesis I this semester, will you email me ASAP to let me know if you successfully proposed this semester? If you did, then I will tell Dr. Tomes to assign a grade of credit... and if you didn’t propose (or you don’t email me back), then you will get an IP (in progress), and we will fill out a grade change form when you propose.

If you are currently enrolled in thesis II, will you let me know if you successfully defended your masters thesis?

Many thanks!!!

Hillary A. Langley, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Interim Coordinator, Masters Programs in Psychology
Sam Houston State University
Email: hlangley at shsu.edu<mailto:hlangley at shsu.edu>
Office: CHSS Room 376, (936) 294-3260<tel:(936)%20294-3260>
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