[Psychmasters] Important MA Deadlines!

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Fri Aug 20 13:33:18 CDT 2021


I hope all of you had a great first week of classes and are excited for what's to come!  I'd like to inform you of some important deadlines this semester, Fall 2021.

Add/Drop Deadlines:  https://www.shsu.edu/dept/registrar/students/registration/add-drop-resignation-deadlines.html#panelfall

  *   Students may add courses online until the 8th class day - Wednesday, August 25th .
  *   The last day for students to drop a course without a “Q” and receive a 100% refund is the 12th class day (this is Tuesday, August 31st for the fall 2021 semester)

  *   The last day to drop with a grade of "Q" instead of grade earned, no refund is October 20th

  *   The last day to resign and receive a grade of "W" instead of the grade earned is December 1st.

Academic Advisement for Spring Registration:  MA registration for spring 2022 is scheduled for November 8th.  Advisement will take place via 30-minute Zoom appointments.  In early October, I will send out an electronic sign-up form with available appointments during the three weeks prior to registration.

Degree Candidates: I have attached a pdf with important graduation deadlines for this semester.  For students conducting thesis, please also consult the graduate school website https://www.shsu.edu/dept/graduate-studies/theses-and-dissertations.html.  If you plan to graduate this semester, email the TGS dissertation/thesis specialist at tgsthesis at shsu.edu and she'll put you on her email list for reminders and check-ins.

Other helpful information about graduate school opportunities (scholarship, research funding) and other resources, go to https://www.shsu.edu/dept/graduate-studies/


Shelley A. Riggs, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Psychology Masters Programs
Department of Psychology and Philosophy, Box 2447
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX 77341-2447

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