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A recent change in SHSU Academic Policy Statement 910312 required an update to the MA Programs manual, which is attached. Specifically, the new policy reflects a change in the consequences of a grade of "C" and failure to meet standards of performance, including professionalism.

All students are expected to demonstrate professionalism in the academic setting. If you're wondering what that means... “Professionalism is how you interact as well as what you produce. Interacting with others appropriately and respectfully, communicating clearly and directly and interpersonal skills are all essential to being professional."   (http://surreyprofessionaltraining.pbworks.com/f/PERSONAL+PROFESSIONALISM+LEAFLET+FINAL.pdf ).  Other tips on professionalism in the academic setting can be found at https://www.cpcc.edu/sites/default/files/2019-04/star-resources-academic-professionalism.pdf .

The full SHSU Academic Policy can be found at  https://www.shsu.edu/dept/academic-affairs/documents/aps/curriculum/910312%20Academic%20Probation%20and%20Suspension_2021.pdf and the relevant sections are duplicated below:

7.04  Graduate programs may establish additional standards for academic performance, including professional expectations in association with clinical settings, licensing, and/or accreditation. Graduate programs must clearly document and make available to students any academic performance standards in writing, subject to approval by the program coordinator, department chair/program director (when applicable), academic dean, Dean of the Graduate School, Office of General Counsel, and Provost and Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs. These academic performance standards shall be subject to review as a component of the seven-year graduate program review

8.03 A student who earns a grade of C in any course at SHSU (repeated or distinct course) within the academic program may have their graduate status reviewed by a committee of the department or college graduate faculty. The committee will recommend an appropriate remediation for the student.

8.04 A student who fails to meet any approved program-specific standards for academic performance, including professionalism standards, in consonance with section 7.04 of this policy may be dismissed from the program and not permitted to register for courses in the program.

Shelley A. Riggs, Ph.D.
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