what's up everyone?

Dave McClellan army_mcclellan@hotmail.com
Thu, 03 Jan 2002 14:02:27 -0600


hey people, it's 2LT McClellan.  Hopefully this makes it out to all the SHSU 
ROTC peeps.  SGT Rodriguez, I think you'll get it too.  Just wanted to put 
out a sitrep of what's happening with me.  I start MEchanized Leader's 
Course on Sunday (Jan 6), and then graduate Feb 15/16, and then off to 
Germany.  Hope everyone else is tracking well.  If anyone has Day's new 
phone number in Bragg, I would greatly appreciate it.  Also, if anyone has 
COL Johnson's e-mail addy, I could use that too.  Ok, I hope everyone had a 
great Christmas and a happy New YEar's, and take care ya'll.

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