[Shsurotc] A 625K Return from 500 Bucks? 😳

Matthew Mills matt at medx-rx.net
Tue Sep 4 16:53:18 CDT 2018


In 2007 a startup called, Dropbox, was seeking funding. Back then, during one of its initial seed rounds of funding, Dropbox was issuing shares at .02 USD per share. At the time the company was basically two MIT engineers with a good idea. 

For 500 USD you could have received 25,000 shares and been in on the ground floor.

After 11 years, a few more rounds of funding, a solid growth strategy, great management team, support from their backers and a successful IPO, Dropbox is trading north of 25 dollars on the NASDAQ.

Your 25,000 shares that you would have purchased on the ground floor, from a brand new company for 500 bucks would 11 years later be worth 625,000 USD!

WTF, right? How is this possible?

For starters, for regular folks like you and me, in 2007 it was NOT possible.

Before 2012, opportunities like this, due to federal law, were available only to rich people and Venture Capital Firm, Sequoia, the firm who lead that Seed Round of funding in 2007 and later controlled 23% of Dropbox Pre-IPO saw a 1,049X return on the seed investment.

They made BILLIONS with a B.

The rich get richer, right?

Not anymore.

Now, because of changes to federal regulations, nearly all Americans can get access to invest in companies, similar to Dropbox, and get in on the ground floor before they grow and go public.

As the COO and President of one of these companies, I can speak on our behalf. 

We are real companies, who need capital and who are looking for real people, not VC’s to share the love and be a part of something special and participate in the entire process once only reserved to the elite.

These are the kinds of investments VC’s have made billions on in the past and now everyone can have the same opportunity.

A fast-growing number of real, everyday Americans are getting in on the ground floor of companies, like ours, Med-X, Inc. 

Our company is making a difference by developing safer, green alternatives to help fight the opioid epidemic and systematic spraying of synthetic pesticides all over the planet.

For instance, our offering is for 700 shares for 420 USD on the StartEngine platform. We have raised over 3M USD from over 1,600 regular people who believe in our mission.

Is Dropbox an extreme example? Yes. Are they a Unicorn? Yes.

Are we saying that our company or others using these new regulations are going to be as successful? We all would hope so but that is not the point.

The point is, YOU, an everyday hard working person now has the power to get in the game just like Sequoia did in 2007. So, use this information to your advantage. 

Be a “VC.” Get in on the ground floor while you still can.        

	 Learn More» <http://links.cbtrackcompany.com/CBLT/nijtkikqkokjknkqkjkmjtkikikikpklkhkjjtkkklkqknknknkpjtkikqkokjknkqkjkmjtkikikikpklkhkjjtkhjtkikokikhkmkpov>            

Matthew Mills
President & Founder | Med-X, Inc.        

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The securities offered hereby are highly speculative. Investing in shares of Med-X, Inc. involves significant risks. This investment is suitable only for persons who can affordthe loss of their entire investment. Furthermore, investors must understand that an investment could be illiquid for an indefinite period of time. No public market currently exists for the securities and if a public market develops following this offering it may not continue. You should read the offering circular <http://links.cbtrackcompany.com/CBLT/nijtkikqkokjknkqkjkmjtkikikikpklkhkjjtkkklkqknknknkqjtkikqkokjknkqkjkmjtkikikikpklkhkjjtkhjtkikokikhkmkpov> before making any investment.

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Med-X, Inc.  

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