[Sigtaudelt] Arts Update

Joseph Hill noeticend at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 17:58:55 CST 2003

Anyone recieving this email is, in some way, shape or
form, interested in the arts on the SHSU campus, so
here is an update as to what is going on in the arts
this week.  

The experimental theatre group will be performing
various student written and directed productions. 
This will be on Monday and Tuesday in the showcase
theatre at 8:00.  This will be a rare chance to
actually see and support purely student-driven

The NAACP will be presenting a lecture entitled, "If
Then was Now!".  This will be monday, November 17th at
7:00 in the LSC theatre.  Dr Pruitt from the history
department and Steve Sargent will be speaking. 

The English Department will be taking a selection of
students to go see a performance of James Joyce's The
Dead in Houston at the Mainstreet Theatre in Houston. 
Tickets are $11.50.  Write me an email if you wish to

The theatre department will be presenting the last
shows of "Moon Over Buffalo", Saturday at both 2:00
and 8:00, in the mainstage theatre.  

The dance department will be presenting "Dance
Spectrum In Concert", November 20-22, at 8pm at
University Theatre Center on Mainstage theatre.

Also, the inter-arts council will be having its first
meeting sometime before Thanksgiving.  IF you wish to
attend and help me raise awareness of the arts on
campus, send me an email back.  One more thing, if
there is any artistic events happening that I did not
mention, please send me an email and I will pass the

Joseph Hill

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