[Sigtaudelt] Arts Festival Participation

Joseph Hill noeticend at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 9 00:48:24 CDT 2003

This is Joe Hill, your somewhat esteemed
vice-president of Sigma Tau Delta.  I am looking for
some volunteers to participate in the Arts Festival
that is being put on by the city of Huntsville.  The
festival is aimed at directing children away from
harmful activities(such as drugs and alcohol) and
putting them on to the path of supposed fun and
enjoyment that is poetry, reading, painting and other
creative activities.  Sigma Tau Delta is  planning on
doing some sort of poetry reading/storytelling and I
need some volunteers to work at the festival for a
couple of hours on Saturday, October 25th.  If anyone
is interested in reading a story or poetry, that would
be a plus.  But remember, the poetry/story must be
directed at children under the age of 13.  A free
t-shirt is included with this.  If anyone is
interested, email me back at noeticend at yahoo.com with
your t-shirt size before September 15th.
Joe Hill

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