Joseph Hill noeticend at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 16:38:16 CST 2004

Just thought I'd pass this along.  Email me back if
you for some absurd reason wish to go and actually
participate in Sigma Tau Delta. 

This is Jennifer Sanders again...

  It turns out there is an easier (and cheaper) route
to go on the Topdog trip. The
Alley offers $12 student discounted tickets if
everyone shows up at least an hour
before the performance and shows a valid student ID.
In light of this, the trip
has been moved to Sunday, February 8 at 2:30 (so we'd
need to get there by 1:30 at
the latest). Once we know how many people are going to
go, there will probably be
a meeting to discuss carpooling, etc. So let me know
this week if you're

Jennifer Sanders

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