[Sigtaudelt] Topdog/Underdog trip

Joseph Hill noeticend at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 20:13:49 CST 2004

Hello Everyone,
Hows it going?  I realized that in my last email I was
not specific enough concerning the topdog/underdog
trip.  Topdog/UNderdog is a play by famed playwright
Susan Lori-Parks who also wrote the screenplay for the
Spike Lee movie Girl 6.  It is being produced by the
wonderful Alley theatre, which is a nationally
acclaimed company.  If you are excited about going to
see this tremendous production please email Jennifer
Sanders at STDJMS53 at shsu.edu.  The play is on February
8th, so I hope this is enough time for all you busy
STD'ers to clear your schedule...wanted to give all of
you plenty of time to see a production of this rare
quality.  Take care and have an estatic week.  Thanks,
Joe Hill 

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