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Penny C. Pitrucha stdpch13 at shsu.edu
Fri Oct 8 08:01:52 CDT 2004

Hello Sigma Tau Deltans:

Today is the last day to submit proposals for the Southwest Regional
Conference.  If interested, go to www.english.org and follow the links. 
You do not have to register for the conference today; you just need to get
your paper or panel proposal submitted.  If you have any questions,
contact me at this address.

The 2004 Homecoming Spirit Competition begins next week!  Attached, you
will find a list of events by which our organization can earn points
toward winning cash and prizes.  Some events are as passive as attending
Damian the Hypnotist's show, and some are as active as running, walking,
or jogging in the 5K Raven Run.  Please take the time to look over these
events and make an effort to participate in all that you can.  There is
also a sign-up sheet.  This will allow us to get an idea of the
participation we can expect for this competition.  The list and sign-up
sheets are available in print in the lobby of the Evans Building on the
table by our window display.  There is also a drop-off box located there
for your convenience.  You may also email me or Lori with a list of the
events you plan to participate in or attend.  It is not necessary for you
to "sign-up"--you can just show up for the events--however, if possible
let us know what you can do to help us win $1000+ for our organization. 
(Also, Sammy the SHSU mascot will wear the winning organization's t-shirt
during the last football game; this is an excellent opportunity for us to
get publicity on campus and increase our membership!)

Thank you for your active participation.

Penny Pitrucha
Sigma Tau Delta
Delta Delta Chapter
Sam Houston State University

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