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Penny C. Pitrucha stdpch13 at shsu.edu
Mon Oct 11 14:57:39 CDT 2004

Hey Sigma Tau Deltans:

I hope you made it to the Kick-off rally/!  The pizza was delicious!

I need all members who would like to ride on the float to meet me tomorrow
at 2:00 in the parking lot that is diagonal from the univerisity hotel. 
You know, the one way off by itself.  You will see a trailer there with a
big tarp over it.  (Check your email tonight and tomorrow, in case plans
get changed.) If any of you know of a place where we can park the float as
we decorate it, please let me know. We cannot pull it all the way from my
house decorated.  We will begin decorating tomorrow.

Penny Pitrucha
Sigma Tau Delta

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