[Sigtaudelt] English Cram Session

David Sweeten david_sweeten at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 6 11:08:26 CST 2005

Hey everybody,
We are having our finals English Cram Session this Friday the 9th from 7-9 
and Monday the 12th from 8-10. Please tell anyone who wants to study to come 
along. We will have review sheets from many professors as well as students 
willing to help others study. What we need, however, is refreshments. We'll 
need cookies, brownies, chips/dip, and some sodas. If anyone is willing to 
bake or bring something, please reply to the list serve so we know what we 
need to purchase.

Thank you everyone, and I look forward to seeing you at the Cram Session
David Sweeten
Your friendly neighborhood Sigma Tau Delta President

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