[Sigtaudelt] Today's Meeting, Newsletter

Penny C. Pitrucha stdpch13 at shsu.edu
Mon Feb 21 12:33:47 CST 2005

Greetings Sigma Tau Deltans:

Just a reminder that we will be meeting today at 2:00 in the faculty
lounge of the Evans Building (on the fourth floor, next to the English
Dept. office).  I hope to see more of you there.  We will be discussing
the book sale; the induction ceremony and banquet; and other items.

The newsletter is ready! (Jan-Mar).  Yes, it is a bit late getting
published; we ran into a few snags.  Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it. 
Be sure to check out the writing competition on page 6!  Also, our next
issue will be coming out at the end of March, and we would like your
input.  E-mail me with any ideas that you may have.

There will be printed copies available by 2:00 today. They can be found on
our bulletin board across from the English Dept. office.  The newsletter
will also be available on our website soon.  If you are out of the area
and would like a copy mailed to you, please let me know.

Hope to see you soon!  And remember--get active and help Sigma Tau Delta
achieve its goals.

Penny Pitrucha
Sigma Tau Delta
Sam Houston State University
stdpch13 at shsu.edu
pennypitrucha04 at hotmail.com
(936) 439-0042
(936) 689-5373

"Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a
while, you could miss it." (Ferris Bueller)

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