[Sigtaudelt] Sigma Tau Delta V-Day Sale/Raffle

David Sweeten david_sweeten at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 12 16:44:23 CST 2006

Tomorrow we will begin the Sigma Tau Delta Valentine's Day Sale and Raffle, 
and things are looking great. Windows Ristorante has helped out by donating 
a $50 dollar gift certificate for a romantic dinner to be raffled off, and 
our roses will be delivered tomorrow. There are, however, a few things that 
need to be done before the sale.

Things are progressing nicely for the Valentine's Day Sale/Raffle, but we 
still need help. We currently have no one to work the table from 10-11 on 
Monday or 11-1 on Tuesday. We have at least one person for the other time 
slots, but two would be better. Please email either myself or Valerie, 
vjb001 at shsu.edu, if you are available to help.

Also, we need to tie up the rest of the poems for the sale, so we will need 
help rolling and tying before the sale. I will be a the Sigma Tau Delta 
Office at 9 doing so and any additional help would be greatly appreciated. 
We will also need help setting up and closing down, so if you cannot help 
from 10-2 but can lend a hand before or after, let us know.

Come with us and sell Romance on a stick,
David Sweeten
Your Friendly Neighborhood Sigma Tau Delta President

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