[Sigtaudelt] Sigma Tau Delta Member Meeting Update

David Sweeten david_sweeten at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 22 23:21:31 CST 2006

Hey everybody,
Here's the agenda from this past monday's Member meeting. Quite a few things 
coming up, namely the Trivial Pursuit game on the 6th of April, the next 
Muffin Monday on the April 3rd and the Induction Banquet.

Also of large not are Officer Elections to be held at the next Member 
Meeting, April 17th. Multiple positions will be open, so check out the Sigma 
Tau Delta Constitution, which I have attatched, for a summary of the duties 
involved for each position. We look forward to another great year and hope 
to bring on another great batch of officers.

If there are any questions about what's coming up, feel free to email me or 
any other officer.

David Sweeten
Your Friendly Neighborhood Sigma Tau Delta President

March 20 Member Meeting Agenda

1.	Students versus Profs Trivial Pursuit game:
Date and Location: Thursday April 6th 5:00pm at Kaldi’s.
Items to Address:
a.	Questions to add to the game are due
b.	Flyers need to be made and distributed

2.	Spring Induction Banquet:
Purpose: to induct new members into the organization, pass along duties to 
new officers, and celebrate the successes of the academic year.
Items to Address:
a.	Date, time and prices will be officially announced by the end of the week
b.	Looking at April 25th at 6:00 pm at the Elkins Lake Clubhouse
c.	Volunteers will be needed for all levels, including putting together 
invitations, setting up and cleaning up.
a.	Sign Up Sheet: Set up, clean up, decorating.
d.	Last years tickets were $13, and we will be aiming for a similar amount 
this year

3.	Finals Cram:
Date and Time: Friday May 5th from 7-9 and Monday May 8th from 8-10
a.	This is a great opportunity to facilitate a studying session for English 
courses as well as a chance for us to help both members and non-members with 
their English courses.
b.	We will need volunteers to provide snacks and drinks

4.	Lending Library:
a.	Contact Regina Bouley, head of the Lending Library committee, at 
stdrmb20 at shsu.edu, and let her know when you would like to volunteer.
b.	Hours: Any time Monday through Friday, 8-5.
c.	Procedures: Go to the English Office to request the key to the Sigma Tau 
Delta office. You will have to sign in with your SamID or Social Security 
number and return the key when you are done in the office.
Duties: Checking out books or answering questions about Sigma Tau for anyone 
comes by. Also, there are some Lending Library tasks that need to be done, 
such as
cataloguing, that Regina will tell you about when you contact her. For the 
most part,
when not checking out books or asking questions, you can do your homework or 
the like,
but your presence in the office is what is most important.

5.	Newsletter:
Purpose: To inform members of activities as well as resources available to 
them, both through Sigma Tau Delta and the English Department itself.
a.	Contact Penny Petrucha, the head of the Newsletter committee, to help 
with production and distribution at stdpch13 at shsu.edu.

6.	Officer Elections:
a.	To be held at next member meeting on April 17th
b.	Check the constitution for a description of each office’s duties
c.	This is a great way to not only get involved but also to help shape Sigma 
Tau Delta

7.	Muffin Monday:
a.	Monday, April 3rd
b.	We need volunteers to man the sale
c.	We need volunteers to provide muffins

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