[Sigtaudelt] Don't Forget!

Jennifer Fox jaf002 at shsu.edu
Wed Apr 9 22:16:17 CDT 2008

The Induction Ceremony tickets will only be on sale for a few more
days!  Next Tuesday (April 15th) is the last day you can buy

They are $15 per ticket and are on sale in the
English office!  

Don't forget!  Even if you are not
being inducted, I encourage you to attend the ceremony.  

We will be having lasagna (with vegetarian lasagna available) with mixed
vegetables and black forest cake for dessert! 

If you will be
having transportation problems, please contact me and we will try to
arrange someone to take you back and forth to the ceremony!

is a great ceremony with good food and I hope to see you all there!

For more information, email me at jaf002 at shsu.edu

Jennifer Fox
Sigma Tau Delta
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