[Sigtaudelt] Sigma Tau Delta Inductees

Jennifer Fox jaf002 at shsu.edu
Wed Apr 16 19:02:07 CDT 2008

The following is a list of people who will be inducted this year.  If
you do not see your name, email me immediately so we can update the list
and make sure that it is correct!

My email is
jaf002 at shsu.edu.

Jennifer Fox
Sigma Tau

The current list of inductees as of April 16,

Dana Abernathy
Elizabeth Adams
Lori Arledge
Shawna Cleaver
Dawn Clingaman
Clair Collins
Dee Ellwood
Travis Franks
Laura Golden
AnSylvia Heggins
Bryan Honeycutt
Tamika Jackson
Bria Jones
Trina Kowis
Jessica Lee
Jessica Mulkey
Valarie Nappier
Bradley Nevills
Mandy Parker
Shelesha Pettis
Nikki Prescott
Caryn Rasberry
DeAnna Rogers
Bernadette Russo
Ronda Smith
Johnnie Strobel
Laura Sullivan
Debra Vogel
Shatonya Watts
Molly Wicke
Chris Wood
Jaime Wood
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