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Jennifer Fox jaf002 at shsu.edu
Mon Apr 21 20:13:09 CDT 2008

For those of you who are attending the ceremony, directions to Magnolia
Lakes are available in the English office (Evans 458).  

We need a few members to help work the Shakespeare's Birthday
celebration put on by Dr. Pease.  It is on Wednesday at 6pm.  We
will need to have people direct guests to Evans 105 and to help serve
refreshments.  Please email me if you are able to work the event.

We also need members to help donate food for the finals relief
that will be going on during finals.  If you would like to donate
food, please bring foods that do not have to be refrigerated.  Please
email me if you would like to donate food or drinks.

For any
questions, please contact me at jaf002 at shsu.edu

Sigma Tau Delta
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