[Sigtaudelt] Sigma Tau Delta - Shakespeare's Birthday Celebration

Jennifer Fox jaf002 at shsu.edu
Wed Apr 23 14:41:40 CDT 2008

This is just a reminder for those that have signed up to help for the
Shakespeare's birthday event to meet me by the elevators in the Evans
building at 5:45pm so we can help out Dr. Pease.  

If you
would like to help out and have not signed up, please come by anyway and
we will happily find a job for you to do.  Since we only have three
people (including myself) signed up to help, I would appreciate it if a
couple more people would be able to help out at Dr. Pease's event.

I have the following people signed up for this event: Valarie
Nappier and Debbie Carpenter.  

If you are helping, Dr.
Pease has requested that we dress up (ie: no jeans or t-shirts). 

If you have any questions, email me at jaf002 at shsu.edu

Jennifer Fox
Sigma Tau Delta
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